Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Church Plant in Kenya

Our team visited Marti, Kenya in July 2018. This church is the result of that visit. 
11 Tribal leaders accepted Christ as their Savior that trip and now they are 
being discipled in the only church within 50 miles!

A New Church Plant Deserves A New Blog Site!

Greetings to all of our friends and our supporters,

God is on a mission to bless the peoples of the 
earth & we are invited to join Him!

We at CRI understand that at the center of a vibrant community is a biblically sound & active church. That is why we are equipping national leaders & helping them to establish churches that make an impact - spiritually as well as economically.

CRI - Ministers in nations which have been
afflicted by war, persecution, poverty & famine.

It has been our experience that too many churches in impoverished countries often struggle or even fail when faced with life threatening physical needs. Extreme malnutrition, lack of clean water, lack of medical care & high infant mortality, all take a devastating toll on entire communities.

When these basic needs are allowed to continue in the town or village around our church plants - Good people needlessly suffer & the spreading of the Gospel is greatly hindered. We are not okay with that & we are working hard to bring lasting change!

CRI works together with other believers in order to "Raise the Bar" for national pastors who minister in heart-breaking conditions every day. 

By creating jobs & providing life saving resources,
Our churches are 
able to minister to the
physical needs of their communities as well as the spiritual ones.

Together we are bringing the Hope of salvation to previously unreached peoples without neglecting the desperate physical needs so often seen in these third world countries.

CRI - Preaching the Gospel of Jesus in word & in deed by planting churches, as well as, creating jobs, drilling wells, distributing emergency food, acquiring land for agriculture, livestock, clinics & schools. 

Come with us to Kenya in May 2019 and see for yourself!

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